Saturday, March 29, 2014

When I received this picture I was startled by the change I could see in Mark.  Physically, he looks bigger and older. While I know that one year has passed since I have seen my son, this one picture reminds me that time is passing all too quickly.  It has been said that the only thing constant is change, and I still resist it even if the change is good.

Mark is now serving in Oklahoma.  He finally admitted in his last e-mail that Vernon, Texas was a little difficult.  He said, "I'm not gonna lie, it was really hard".  I am sure he has grown from his experience, and is now on a new adventure.

Rachel is in Waterford, Michigan and is a Sister Training Leader.  She loves it, and although she also had a rough go of it in her last area admits to some real growth.  She says she has more patience, more love for the scriptures, has developed an ability to find the good in others, and is so grateful for trials.

Matthew was just reassigned to Madison, a very rural area of Ohio, where to his dismay---he is again riding a bike.  He says his heart sank when he heard the news because he is so tired.  He has been on a bike his entire mission, but he says it is a beautiful part of the country and he will learn to love it.

Bethany is still enjoying Canyon Country where she taught a very nice lady named Shirley who was baptized.  Bethany says she is like a Grandma, and loves her dearly.

So the missionaries are doing well, and are changing for the better.  I, who just ate an entire roll of Girl Scout Thin Mints, am not so sure.  I marvel at the fortitude of my kids, and am so thankful for their service in the mission field.   I am home on this overcast day trying to muddle through the housework (it's just me and Jerry living here, for pete's sake) and wanting to go and curl up with a book.

Rachel will be home in just six months, and so it begins.  This period of time was not so very long after all and like it or not, more change will be forthcoming as they all come home and resume their lives.
Mark stated that "missions are way easier than real life!".  He might have a point.   I do know that I need to gather my thoughts, my courage and my resolve to conquer a few things myself.  Every day  we face choices that will change us for the better, leave us stagnant, or worse....take us backwards.

Spring is coming, and I feel just a little bit better about accomplishing some tasks.  I am not sure why I am always at war with myself, but I would love to gain self mastery.  I think it is one of the most important things we can develop.  I believe I will put on some music and get to accomplishing something...anything!!  I need to pretend that a very important person is going to come and go through my house!    pause.....   Ah oh...Dorma just called.  The Women's Conference meeting is tonight!  aack!!  Now I really do need to hurry!!

   Happy Spring Vacation , everyone!!

Rachel must be imagining Spring!

Matthew at the Cleveland Zoo
Mark---looking very contemplative

Bethany, Shirley and Sister Wood