Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chocolate or a bruise, It's all the same...

People.....if you see someone with a piece of parsley on their tooth , an inside- out sweater,  a little chocolate smudge on their cheek, or heaven forbid, the mother of them all....a skirt tucked into undergarments exposing what should never be exposed....please be kind and tell them.   Alright...maybe a perfect stranger would not welcome a stranger pointing out the parsley or sweater mistake, but everyone wants to know if they are showing something they ought not to be showing. (except for some of the people at Walmart)

 I have had things in my teeth, various garments on backwards and inside out,  and people who know me well know of the infamous viewing "and this has a multiple meaning" at the funeral home. My own husband who I had gently (okay, not so gently ) only minutes  pointed out the oreo cookie crumbs on his lips...neglected to tell me my broomstick skirt was tucked into my undergarments.  No, I did not even have on pantyhose.  I had availed myself of the facilities moments before getting into the car and had washed my hands carefully.  Not as careful about smoothing out my skirt.  I stood in the funeral home foyer greeting members of my neighborhood and being oh, so gregarious in spite of the fact that I was at a friend's viewing and my unmentionables were showing.  Jerry is usually clueless and even more so on this night.  After  a few long minutes, a stranger was charitable enough to come to me, cushion my head against her cheek, and whisper urgently, "honey, your skirt is tucked inside your underwear."  Oh, the horror I felt, and immediate hatred towards poor Jerry who still didn't get it.  I hurriedly backed against a wall and frantically yanked until the offending piece of skirt was dislodged and once again was .... covering my fleshy behind and thighs.  Yes, I know the description is horrid, but the event was even more so....

Karen , my friend and Principal , laughs hysterically over the "viewing" story, and so she laughed even harder when we met up at her niece's wedding reception.  I was going to skip the refreshments,  but the chocolate fountain called out to me.  I  got a couple of strawberries, and stuck those babies under that delicious melted chocolate,  and then Jerry and I made out way towards the exit.  I saw Becky, a former Physician's Assistant I had taken Bethany and the boys to and stopped to chat!  We carried on a happy conversation for a few minutes.  I then ran into Alison Tanner, who is about as oblivious as I am most days.  She was as delightful as ever, and we carried on a fine conversation about our missionary children.  Karen came upon the two of us, and without any hesitation said, "What is all over your cheek and chin, chocolate?"  I immediately put up my hand and came away with a fair amount of brown stuff...yeah,  it was chocolate.  I was just a little hostile, and said to Alison, "Why would you not tell me I had this all over my face?"  Alison said ever so innocently, "Well, I thought maybe it was a bruise, remember when you fell down on the sidewalk?" Yes, I fell down on the sidewalk a couple of years ago, and broke my foot, my hand, and had a huge hematoma over my eye causing a really black bruise.  This did not look like that!  I don't know if Alison felt properly chagrinned, but I was mildly irritated.  Then, I just shrugged and laughed because this kind of thing happens to me all the time.  Only..if  I am this clueless now, what will I be in ten or twenty years?   Maybe I will have to stay confined at  home since I can't dress, walk or feed myself properly!  Laurie, the mother of the bride, said the story was appropriate for each one of us.  I am the one who is always flubbing up, Alison is oblivious to the plight of others, and Karen tells it like it is...

Yes, I know this post has nothing to do with missionary work or the faithful four, but I am venting tonight.  I just wanted to write. It has been rather therapeutic, so thank you !  Sometimes I get a little down on myself because I have so many of these stories that seem to bolster the fact that I am kind of a ninny.  Do these things happen to other people?  Sometimes I think my purpose in life is to make other people feel superior, so there you have it, and you are welcome!!
This was my eye right after I fell, it got much worse with each passing day..

I am sorry I do not have a picture of the mishap with the skirt or the chocolate!
At least I am smiling

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

I have never been a fan of Mother's Day, but this one was a lot of fun.  I get a little embarrassed over any accolades, and shy away from any compliments sent my way. Like most mothers I love my kids, and just tried to do my best most of the time.  Fatigue, impatience and frustration often got in the way , but I loved being a mom to little kids.  Now I am a mom to big kids!  They don't sit in your lap, and cuddle much...  I miss the snuggling and the kisses, and so I bestow them all on my little granddaughter, Ruby, (aka bubbergirl) .

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and so it was with an aching mother's heart that I beheld the most beloved faces of my missionaries.  I have not skyped with Mark since he left over a year ago, and, was so good to see his face.  I told him I wanted to kiss his dimples, just the way I did when he was little.  He looked so handsome!

Bethany looked good, calm and happy.  She begged us to ask her questions, but when confronted that way...we couldn't come up with any good ones.   We went and hauled Marty the Cat in to say hello.  He was a little sleepy and didn't give much of a response. There were questions we could have asked, but not while her companion and a family sat behind her!  I am sorry I didn't snap a picture, nor did I get one of Rachel Skyping us.  I suddenly remembered  while talking with the boys that I had a phone and immediately took a couple of pictures.    Rachel looked just the same.  She talked with the same quiet hesitation, but with a little more determination and confidence. So good to see these kids!  I hungrily drank in their faces, and remembered them as my babies, and all the love was still there for their happiness, their welfare and their continued success.  Matthew seemed a little serious, and Ben got "him" on the iPad and took him around the house for a virtual tour.  We had our two boys together, talking, and asking each other questions.  What fun to see their interaction!  They spoke a little spanish to each other, and asked questions about their missions.

Matthew:  "Why the flip do you own a 700 dollar bike when you use a car most of the time?"  I have been biking a year on a used bike they found in the shed behind the Mission Home!"

Mark:  "Well, it looks like the biking isn't helping your physique!  Why are your cheeks puffy?  How much do you weigh?"  What!  215!!  That's outrageous!  What are you eating?"

Matthew: " I drink a kale shake every day my companion prepares for me! My legs have huge muscles!"  We have to fix our own food, no one here will feed us!" They passed around a dinner schedule and no one signed up!"

Mark:  "We get fed all the time! I just had ribs, they were the best!"

(Matthew appears a little glum at this news)

Matthew:  "Well, are you teaching anyone?"

Mark:  Our most promising investigator is a sweet old ninety year old lady named Linda who has no teeth."  (imitates Linda, by pulling his lips under his teeth, and talking incoherently)  We would like to baptize her,  but we are not sure she will live through it!"

Matthew:  "Yes, we are teaching, and...doing lots of service projects".  side note...apparently there are some real hoarders in Matthew's area

What a blessing to have them call a few minutes apart.  We were not sure how to handle it, but thank goodness Ben was here and promptly got out the iPad.  I am completely blown away by today's technology.   Rachel remarked that it was like being in our dining room.  She could see the whole family eating dinner, and I showed her homemade rolls which she said she missed most! Bethany and Mark gave me a list of things they need shipped to them,  and all too soon, the conversations came to an end.  I didn't cry this time after talking to them.  It was so surreal, and yet completely natural at the same time.  It was as if time had stood still, and we were so thankful just to see them and know they are happy and busy.

I am grateful to be a mother.  I often joke that Heavenly Father gave us good kids because we are a little dense and very ADD.   He knew we couldn't handle the big problems.   Yes, we had a little difficulty losing them every now and then when they were little, but as I see them as adults....we have not lost them at all.  They have totally "arrived" and are making their mark in the world.

Happy Mother's Day to those blessed woman who influence the children in their lives!!!  It really does take a village to raise a child.  I can scarcely take credit for my children's accomplishments when they have had such wonderful examples throughout their formative years.  Thanks to all those who have loved and cared about my kids.  I needed lots of help, and I always received it!!
Ben, Matthew and Mark

together for the first time in thirteen months:D