Sunday, June 7, 2015

Lots to catch up on........

1.  Missionaries are home (what to call my blog?)  And ...does anyone want to hear the ramblings of a imperfect woman of almost 60 years (yikes!!!!) who is still trying after all these years to define herself?

2.  Life got too hectic , and I was kind of on auto-pilot.

3.  Baby Lauren was born to Ben and Jess.  She is beautiful, and perfectly wonderful , but has had to be a strong, little fighter in her short two month and a half months of life.

4.  Summer is upon me.  What to do?

5.  Plans for the faithful four.

I rather think I will still write because even if no one finds my thoughts interesting...I have always
been able to sort things out through putting them to paper (or computer).  I started a journal in the sixth grade and still keep one.  I am a little afraid of what my posterity will think of me someday as they read the musings of a young girl, an awkward teenager, a confused young woman, and a crazy mom of seven.  As I start into the twilight years (yes, I know I am not that old) I am a little anxious about what I should be doing and accomplishing.  Part of me wants to sit back, read a few books, and eat snacks.   The snack part...not good.  I think I need to continue to work and teach piano to feel a part of something bigger than myself.  I find myself a little more content when I am a little busier.  I am not driven to accomplish huge things.  I am a little sad about that, but I am good at being a friend and connecting with people.  I am so very lucky to have people in my life.  I looked around at the six of us tonight watching "Meet the Mormons"and felt very blessed indeed.  I never did get that new house I wanted, and I haven't traveled nearly as much as I would like, but my life has been a good one filled with lots of chaos.  As far as excitement goes, putting seven kids under nine to bed was sure to get the blood pumping at our house.  Euphoria came when I knew I could get four hours of uninterrupted sleep, or when everyone napped at the same time so I could do dishes.  My babies are having babies of their own now, and I find myself free to enjoy them without the duties of "motherhood".  All I need to do is to love on them, and send them back to their parents.  It is quite wonderful!

Baby Lauren is a wonderful addition to our family.  She simply could not be sweeter.  Her deep blue eyes speak volumes of wisdom and patience gained through a difficult two and a half months of life. She came into the world a little fighter who had to be resuscitated, spending some days in the NICU.  She had a sacral dimple that had to be checked by ultrasound to make sure the nerve endings were covered.  She had a heart murmur that is big enough to possibly need open heart surgery.  As Lauren's breathing was quite loud, it was determined that our baby also has Laryngomalacia.   This is a congenital abnormality of the laryngeal cartilage.  The soft cartilage of the larynx collapses inward making sleeping/breathing/eating difficult.   Lauren had surgery to try to correct this problem at Primary Children's Hospital.  They were not completely successful because it is quite severe.  They can now see her vocal cords, however, as they could not before the operation.  Lauren eats with a special slow-flow bottle and is doing much better.  Jess is very busy with home care appointments, along with seeing Lauren's cardiologist and ENT doctor down at Primary's.  Ben and Jess are phenomenal parents and so faithful , loving and caring for their little daughter.  The good thing about Laryngomalacia  is that as the child grows, the symptoms usually decrease sometimes disappearing by the age of two.  Lauren was given blessed today at church.  Her father (Ben) blessed with so many wonderful qualities and supplicated our Heavenly Father to watch over her and give her the strength she needs to deal with future health concerns.
Lauren Taylor
Lauren on her blessing day.  What a sweet dress!

Speaking of two, our Ruby (aka Bubbergirl )is two!  She is delightful.  She is starting to speak, and is so interesting.  I have no qualms about spoiling her rotten.
Ruby Fay Morris, age two

It is as if the missionaries were never gone!  Things have resumed quite as they once were with busy comings and goings, but I have to remind Jerry every now and then that he doesn't have to call them all the time to see where and what they are doing.  Mark is working at Bio-med as a phlebotomist, and Matthew and Bethany are at American First Credit Union.  Rachel is working for T. R. Morgan's law offices as a receptionist.  Their experiences as missionaries have changed them in countless ways.  They are the same, and yet not so much.  They astound me with their wisdom and knowledge of life, of people and of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   They are planning for school and that is another story completely!  Ahh...time to sit back and let them do things in their own way and time?
A Mom and her boy (Mark)
Such sweetness upon seeing my sons again
Jerry hates this one, haha
A mom and her girl
The Faithful Four together again

As i garden this summer, I contemplate life's changes.  It quiets my soul to turn dirt over in my hands,  and smell the sun-warmed soil. I love seeing things grow.  Maybe it is why I loved being pregnant and having kids (: My piano recitals are over, and I feel both a sense of relief and satisfaction.  Such beautiful pieces executed so nicely!!  36 Students played including Mark and Bethany. They all did so very, very well.   More changes abound!! Emily is having another baby in November, Ben graduated with a Master's degree in Professional Communications, and a couple of them are dating people and it seems to be fairly serious.

I , who hate change, has seen a lot of it these last few months.  I am learning to accept it for what it is...inevitable!  What I need to learn is how to let it contribute to my well-being, my happiness and my growth of character.  Life thus far has been well-traveled, but I want to know that I have contributed to someone else's happiness along the road.  I have been so sustained by my friends and family members, that I can only hope that I have reciprocated in some small way.  My mother always told me to join the "compliment club" and I would have lots of friends.  I would ask her what kind of club that it was...thinking it would surely have a president and chartered members?  She told me to always make come away making people feel good.  I sometimes that people like me because of my inferior nature, but I genuinely love people.  That advice has blessed my life many times over.

I don't mean to sound so serious, but it is late, and perhaps I can be funny on my next blog!  Here's to change.  Amy, go to your new school and wow them with your excellent skills and phenomenal teaching gifts.  I will still be your friend!   Kids, go out and live your lives.  I promise not to be too offended when I am not needed so very much any more.  Jerry, I think we should take a trip when we have money.  (That actually sounds really nice...hmmn ).  Me----?  I would have to say to myself, "get healthy, and if you don't like who you are, make some changes!! " I feel strong tonight, but we will see in the morning.

 Goodnight all.  I so appreciate the strength of the people in my life.  I learn every day from your examples!