Wednesday, February 18, 2015

You can't revisit the past /"time marches on"/ The Taylor boys are coming home!

When I was in my teens, I watched a movie entitled "The Two Worlds of Jenny Logan".  I was mesmerized by this show.  Lindsay Wagner, whom I absolutely loved, starred in this riveting story about a woman who falls in love with someone from the past.  She would become faint, and awake in a different time where she fell in love with a handsome gentleman.  Yes, she was already married but they had some difficulties.  Her present husband thought she was crazy when she told him all about her other life, and it was only when she disappeared that he begin to believe her.  He found an old picture in the attic of her other family and children.  She was wearing a particular  necklace he had given to her.  He knew then that she had actually traveled back in time and had lived the other life.  He breaks down sobbing, while I would get goosebumps!!  Well, I thought I would order the DVD on Amazon and re-live that awesome movie.  I was a little disappointed to say the least.  The film seemed faded, the acting contrived and the plot a little silly.  No goosebumps for me!

I thought then about how the past is always a lot more colorful than in reality.  Loved ones are always more perfect after their death, childhood memories are a lot sweeter ,  good times become even better when recalled after a few years have passed.  I think a lot about the kids being little, and about me being younger.  I grow too melancholy and everyone knows I cried quite a bit over my kids leaving on missions.  I felt the end of an era, and wished I had reveled in the past a little more.   Did I remember sleepless nights, and onery kids?  No, I just remembered the  unbelievable cuteness, the rocking of sweet babies, and the love I had for them.  I can scarcely believe I could suddenly be the mother of adult children. It was only yesterday that I remember being 30 years old.  I clearly remember turning 21 and knowing I had arrived as an adult.  I knew everything.  The older I become;  the more I realize I know nothing!!

So the boys come home tomorrow.  My missionaries , Matthew and Mark, respectively Elder Taylor and Elder Taylor!   I will certainly miss those missionary Mondays when they would e-mail me. Has the time gone fast?  Oh, my yes, in countless ways.  I have loved having missionaries.  Although I think wistfully about their babyhood, I love having older children. The wisdom and insights they have gained on their missions have prepared them for life with all its joys and sorrow.  It's now back to the secular life with job searching, college, and girlfriends.  

 You've heard it said, "you can never go home again".  Well, I hope this house is always a home to all my kids wherever they may go.  I wish it to be a safe place, a sanctuary if you will, where they feel loved and appreciated.  

From  Mark's last e-mail:              "  My adventure here in Oklahoma is soon coming to an end, but ends always mean new I've learned much from my Mission. I know much about the enabling power of the Atonement. I've especially come to love a lot of the people I serve. I'm just straight up happy. I will tell you more about that happiness when I see everyone in just a few more days. The Gospel is True!
God Speed!!!"

Elder Mark Taylor

From  Matthew's last e-mail:  " anyways... I have loved my mission. It has been the best two years of my life. I have learned that the church and the restored Gospel is everything. I have also learned to fear God and be accountable to him. I will be going to Kirtland tomorrow with all the departing missionaries and have a special meeting, later we will have a special dinner at the mission home and a small fireside. Thursday morning I will get on a plane and fly back to Utah! See you all very soon."
Elder Matthew Taylor

                                                          A few pictures from the last few weeks

                                                              Ohio got the snow we missed this winter
This poor dog followed them everywhere one day.

Mark at a District lunch
Matthew and his district
Matthew with recent converts

Thank you, my dear sons,  for being such an example to me.  I will never forget this period of your lives and mine.  What a sweet and humbling experience this has been.  Tomorrow!!!